Happy Thanksgiving Friends!



This post is not a recipe post. I just want to wish Everyone a happy Thanksgiving. There are so much to be thankful for – a large circle of food blogger friends who share their yummy recipes, tips, and ideas which I add to my recipe box and which my family is very happy about. I am also thankful for the beautiful fall weather we are having . Cool not hot. I was beginning to think we would skip Fall altogether this year, thankfully, we had rain and the temperature dropped. Just in time for Thanksgiving.

This is my favorite time of the year.  There is the foliage, the overcast sky (I find it soothing), and Thanksgiving gatherings.   The focus is in the kitchen, not fighting crowds to find the right present at the mall.  Laughing, talking, cooking – just having a really good with family in the kitchen that permeates with cinnamon and spices. So how can Fall not be my favorite right? 🙂

I am trying not to stress because I am keeping this Thanksgiving very simple.  My family does not want have a turkey this year so this is what’s cooking in my kitchen:

Diced vegetable salad with tahini dressing
Roasted parsnips and carrots with thyme
Roasted butternut squash with brown butter and sage
Roasted Onion Tart
Curry puff
Mashed potatoes served with braised mushrooms, carrots, celery, thyme in red wine.
Chicken potpie
Apple crumbles

What are you cooking in your kitchen for this Thanksgiving? link your Thanksgiving post to this one for those of us who may need last-minute ideas or for next year Thanksgiving. Never too early to plan for delicious foods.

Here’s to you and your Family- May you enjoy a wonderful meal together.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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