Braised Daikon

Daikon is a large, white radish. Unlike horseradish, it has a mild flavor.  Daikon is commonly used in Asian cuisine as well as Chinese medicinal cooking.  It is always used as a first line of defense, when anyone in our family has a dry cough, sore throat, “too much heat in our bodies,” excess of mucus.  When we were kids, my mom would make plain daikon broth and we had to drink this “golden broth”  at first sign of cough or  sore throat. She would make this broth twice a day for several days, and we had to drink it in front of her because we were caught downing it into the sink.  Now, my mom calls her grand kids to drink this “golden broth” when they cough.  I like daikon, but I prefer to eat than drink the broth.  Since we have meatless monday, I have been cooking braised daikon more often. It is tastier and not difficult to cook.


2 daikons 1600grams, cleaned, dried, diced

2 big pinches salt (slightly less than 1/8 teaspoons)

1 Tablespoon (15 ml) soysauce

1/3 cup (70 ml) water

2 teaspoon (10 ml) safflower (or mild flavor) oil for cooking

1 sprig of green onion – green part, dice thinly for garnish

1. Dice the cleaned and dried daikons into chunks

2. Heat the pan to medium-high heat, pour in cooking oil, daikons

3. Sprinkle in salt, pour in soy sauce, stir-fry for 2 minutes, pour in water, stir-fry for another minute, cover with lid. Turn the heat to medium-low and cook for 10 minutes, stir the daikons, put back the lid and cook for another 10 minutes. Then check for doneness; the daikons should be soft  but not mushy or  break apart when you press on it.

4. Plate the daikons and garnish with thinly diced green onion.

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